A vehicle construction assembled entirely of elements and subassemblies produced in Podkarpackie was presented to the President of Poland, Prime Minister and all members of convention 590.

The conference was unprecedented business event, which became an occasion to show an impressive potential of automotive branch in Podkarpackie. Cluster EAA used solely own specialists’ potential and financial measures which came from members’ fees. It led to designing and building a physical construction of a passenger car. This amazing venture resulted in a unique advertisement of cluster and its members. The vehicle was displayed in the most prominent place of exhibition convent centre, therefore everyone could admire, along with government representatives and business leaders.

We are gladly informing that our cluster is extended of 5 recognized automotive companies.

BorgWarner, Teknia Automotive, FA KROSNO, PZL Sedziszów and SONIMA, these groups were admitted during last EAA session. Entering of such significant parties is a huge potential reinforcement and at the same time contribution to fulfil one of the cluster aims, which is to integrate automotive branch environment. Currently EAA compromises 22 institutional members including the biggest automotive corporations such as Industry Development Agency and prestigious technical/engineering universities. Still a number of companies is interested in joining or is currently undergoing application process.

Below some information about new members:

BorgWarner Sp.z o.o. – a manufacturer of components and advanced technology systems of power transmission and drive transfer in vehicles.

TEKNIA AUTOMOTIVE - TEKNIA Rzeszów - Sp. z o.o. – a manufacturer of wide range of containers.

FA Krosno S.A. – a manufacturer of gas springs that is, a kind of pneumatic servo-motor used in various vehicles and machines.

PZL Sędziszów Sp. z o.o. Polish leading manufacturer in filtering branch. A company offer consists of fuel, air and oil filters to all kind of engines in passenger cars, trucks, tractors, diesel locomotives, armoured army cars and even in aviation.

SONIMA Sp. z o.o. deals with production, assembly, production outsourcing (including welding) and offers logistic, quality and warehousing services.

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