16 January 2020


Currently, EAA is processing a detailed strategy. With this view, meetings are organized in a character of strategy planning sitting. The general belief in a range of projected ways of accomplishing cluster aims is to reflect records of statute related to methods of operation.

Following records of cluster statute;

  1. Representing interests and positions of association members before authorities, institutions and other organizations as well as cooperation with them.
  2. Widely known advertisement of automotive branch and promotion of enterprises location in the region likewise paying attention to members’ interests and good reputation.
  3. Supporting business activity of other members, taking into consideration their specialization, exchanging experience in production, trade, organization (know-how) at preferential conditions (obtaining the rule of contractual freedom and considering protection of cluster members’ private information).
  4. Creating and supporting innovations, research and development actions in range of automotive industry.
  5. Organizing meetings, economic missions, tasks, study trips, conferences, seminars, talks, lectures and events connected with automotive branch.
  6. Managing business activity according to statute assumption.
  7. The cooperation with organizations, institutions, authorities and universities.
  8. Participating in international meetings, conferences, seminars, workshops and conventions.