14 January 2020


The initiative of forming an organisation networking entities connected with motorisation arose in automotive environment.

This idea is formulated in the letter of intent signed in summer 2014 in Tarnowscy’s castle in Dzików, Tarnobrzeg.

A letter of intent concerning the foundation of automotive cluster


  1. Considering an existing potential of enterprises connected with modern automotive industry, and noticing benefits consequent of structure funds of European Union, hereby, we declare a support for cluster initiative which includes companies functioning in this industry.
  2. Launching actions within the initiative framework have to create beneficial conditions for branch growth through cooperation stimulation of various entities and implementation of common aims.


  1. Networking which enables effective combining and using members’ potential.
  2. Using possibilities and chances connected with economy progress based on knowledge.
  3. Promoting cluster as innovative centre of automotive branch in south–east Poland.
  4. An increase of competitive dominance of region through creating new beneficial conditions to social-economic growth in the area of cluster.


  1. Creating the platform which enables establishing connections and formulating postulate at crucial points to the branch.
  2. The intensification of cooperation between companies and scientific-educational environment.
  3. The realization of common project in the areas of cluster members’ interests.


  1. The subject responsible for action coordination consequent on above letter of intent is Industry Development Agency, while detailed rules of cooperation will be regulated in the separate partnership contract between parts.
  2. The letter of intent does not involve any financial obligations.
  3. An agreement represented in this letter was prepared in the same copies for each party.