16 January 2020


An idea of creating automotive cluster was born concerning the location of big automotive branch investments in north-west part of Podkarpackie region. In 2011, to perfectly functioning corporations such as Federal Mogul, Kirchhoff, Uniwheels, LEAR, joined Pilkington Automotive Poland. The company is a part of Japanese concern NSG Group and has carried out a project near Tarnobrzeg, which by Polish Agency of Information and Foreign Investments S.A. is believed to be the biggest industry investment in Poland in 2011. Considerably, building so modern plant caused the growth of agglomeration of international automotive companies and cooperative enterprises.

A number, size, and degree of enterprises concentration in so small area show that this process is a model example of autonomous growth of cluster structure. Six automotive corporations are located in the area of Mielec, Tarnobrzeg, Gorzyce, and Stalowa Wola, with combined turnover above 6 milliards zlotys and employing over 13000 employees. The managers of these corporations are creating prestigious business environment and lead actions connected with plants extension.

An initiative of integration was proposed by the General Manager of Pilkington Automotive Poland of NSG Group, and received a positive response from other corporate leaders. In July 2014, an agreement concerning the will of cooperation was signed.

The signatories of letter of intent:

–          Pilkington Automotive Poland, a part of Japanese concern NSG Group, a manufacturer of automotive glass to global car brands.

–          Kirchhoff Polska Sp. Z o.o. Mielec, famous for its impressive modern technology of production, a manufacturer of metal components to automotive industry.

–          Uniwheels Production Poland Sp.z o.o., a producer of wide choice of aluminium wheel rims.

–          Federal-Mogul, piston manufacturer (currently, 5 % of global production),

–          Lear Corporation Poland produces beams of electric conduits to automotive branch,

–          T.C. Dębica S.A. (the Goodyear Tyre & Rubber Company) is the biggest producer of tyres to all types of cars.

Among possible areas of collaboration concerning cluster activities is managing the communal waste, public utilities, research, an effective use of human resources, trainings etc. To the circle of initiators-signatories joined scientists from University of Science and Technology (AGH) and Polytechnic of Rzeszów interested in undertaking huge innovative technological projects, such as European programme Horizon 2020 (Horyzont 2020).

In 11th February 2015, Stalowa Wola, in centre of the most famous Polish initiative a founding meeting took place and adopted EAA name. The founding members are the General Managers of Pilkington Automotive Poland of NSG Group, Kirchhoff Polska, Federal Mogul, Uniwheels Polska, the scientists from University of Science and Technology, Polytechnic of Rzeszów, institutions representatives from business surroundings represented by Industry Development Agency of Tarnobrzeg. The council consists of automotive corporate managers, however an internal control organ consists of technical university representatives and business institutions.